About Ryan Oliveri

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Email - oliveri.r.ryan@gmail.com

Phone - (702) 827-8930

Resume - Google Doc Link

I started my career designing and making art for mobile games. Mainly combining 2d art for UI Design and Menu interfaces, and making 3d models of simple shaped characters. I then moved on to making games for VR, mostly focused on the field of adult entertainment. I then combined those experiences to include Tech Artist Methods like setting up 3d characters to work with different types of Mocap suits ranging from Axis Neron and X-sens Suits.

So overall I’ve had experience making art assets for mobile games, VR games targeted for adult entertainment, and experience in making 3d characters able to work with these high-end mocap suit setups.

Over my career, I’ve not only learned how to take feedback and make a better product overall for the client and the product itself. I’ve had to display great aspects of being a quick learner and ready to tackle any challenges that are presented in front of me.